Electric Charging Bay Markings

electric charging bay markings

With the increasing electric charging bay markings many businesses are installing charging bays in their car parks. These can be a great way to keep customers, visitors and employees happy and allow you to generate revenue by offering charging services. But in order to get the most out of your charging stations, they need to be clearly visible to EV drivers. This means having custom line marking that points out your charging spaces, and which includes a specific symbol to differentiate them from other parking spots.

Creating Order in Chaos: How Car Park Line Marking Enhances Safety

EV charging bay markings typically have a green background colour to make them stand out from other parking spaces, with white lines marked showing the universal symbol for EV chargers (typically a vehicle plug and cable). They may also be accompanied by signs that say “Reserved” or “EV Only,” which helps to prevent regular drivers from parking in these spots, as they can result in a ticket or towing.

In addition to clear lines and a charging symbol, other information on the markings can include the type of outlet the station uses (Level 1 is the most basic, which simply requires a standard 120-volt outlet), whether the station is available for free (usually indicated by an open circle) or is a meter (indicated by a red X). Other important information to note is any restrictions or regulations, such as hours of operation or if the spot is reserved or occupied.

At Designs & Lines, we can use premium traffic paint to create the exact layout and design you need for your electric charging point markings. Our team is highly experienced in the use of acrylic paint and preformed thermoplastic, making it quick and easy to produce your bespoke markings. Contact us today to receive a quote for your project!

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