What is a Weed Vapouriser?

weed vapouriser

A weed vapouriser also known as a vaporizer is a cannabis device that heats up your herb or concentrate (dabs are waxes and oils – see dab pens) to the right temperature to convert them into a breathable vapor. This helps preserve the full flavor and effects of your favorite cannabis, reducing the harmful effects of combustion that release carcinogens into the air. High-quality devices produce vapor that accentuates the natural scent of your flower.

The best vaporizers use convection and conduction heating to release the cannabinoids from your plant material and provide an even, consistent inhale. While smoking is still a popular way to experience the benefits of marijuana, using a weed vapouriser is healthier for your lungs and enables you to get much higher with less product.

The Evolution of Weed Vaporizers: Exploring the Latest Trends and Innovations

If you’re new to using a vaporizer, start with small puffs. Large draws could cause the coils to overheat which can lead to irritated lungs and unwanted side effects. Also, it’s recommended to wait for a few seconds before you take another hit to allow the coils to fully heat up.

Using a vaporizer is also more discreet than smoking because the smoke doesn’t produce an odor, and you can even use it while in public. Plus, you can adjust the temperature to better enjoy a particular strain’s aroma and effect since different compounds require different decarboxylation temperatures.

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