The Best Kettlebell Ab Exercises

best kettlebell ab exercises

Everyone wants 6-pack washboard abs, and while a good diet can certainly help achieve this, using the right exercises for your body type can make a huge difference too. For those looking to tone and strengthen their core muscles, there are a number of kettlebell workouts that are incredibly effective. Whether you want to reduce your love handles, or you just need a great abs exercise for beginners, the best kettlebell ab exercises are the ones that will target every muscle in your core, giving you the sculpted look that you want. Learn more best kettlebell ab exercises –

The dreaded fly (or single-arm kettlebell swing) is an awesome ab exercise that also works the entire upper body, especially the deltoids and triceps. Stand with a kettlebell pressed overhead, fingertips pointed to the sky, and keep it pressed for the duration of the movement while focusing on it. Then, shift your hips to the right, bend at the left knee, and reach your left fingertips toward the floor while allowing your elbow to track along the inside of your right knee. Return to the starting position, and repeat for a set of reps on each side before switching hands.

Kettlebell Swing: The Ultimate Full-Body Ab Exercise

The Figure 8 is an excellent ab exercise for beginners that can be performed just about anywhere, and it’s a superb alternative to seated crunches. Stand up straight with a kettlebell in both hands and then pass the weight underneath one leg, over the other, to create a sort of figure eight pattern. If you’re more advanced, you can lift your legs, which will place more of a challenge on the lower back and obliques.

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