How to Lower the Price of a Car For Rent Monthly

A car for rent monthly is a great option for travelers who need a temporary vehicle. If you have an accident or are out of town on business, a monthly car rental is the perfect alternative to having to rely on public transportation.

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The monthly price of a rental car will vary depending on how long you need it for, so make sure to factor this in when choosing your vehicle. Some companies will even give you a discount if you rent for more than a month, so check that out before making your final decision.

One way to save money on a monthly car rental is to start and end your rental at the same location. The cost of picking up and dropping off at different locations can add a lot to your monthly rental, so plan accordingly. More information here

Similarly, try to return your vehicle at the same time each day to avoid daily fees and additional damage charges. Many car rental companies also offer a late return fee that can be hefty.

Another thing you can do to help lower your monthly car rental is to split your vehicle into two separate transactions, under 30 days apiece. This will allow you to use your personal auto insurance on each rental period.

The price of a monthly car lease will also vary depending on your credit, so be sure to check with your lender before signing any paperwork. If you have poor credit, a monthly car lease may be more expensive than a traditional car loan.

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