PH Balance Suppository

A ph balance suppository is the perfect way to naturally maintain a healthy vaginal pH. The boric acid in this suppository helps reduce odor by killing bacteria and restoring the body’s normal acidic levels. It also relieves itching, burning and irritation associated with BV and yeast infections.

Can you take suppository on an empty stomach?

The #1 Doctor recommended brand Flower Power of boric acid suppositories, this product has helped thousands of women feel their most confident and comfortable. Each suppository contains the doctor recommended 600 mg of boric acid, a natural compound found in seawater, which is clinically proven to help keep your odor under control.

vH essentials Prebiotic pH Balanced Suppository

These vaginal suppositories are designed to promote balance, freshness and confidence by combining a prebiotic enriched formula with a suppository that contains lactic acid. They’re safe for daily use without refrigeration, and are easy to insert.

Kushae BV and yeast suppositories

Our most popular suppository product, these dry capsules contain medical-grade boric acid sourced from the ocean to quickly and easily rebalance your vaginal pH and eliminate bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections. A gentle, dry capsule formula that starts working within a few hours and gives you immediate relief!

Intimate Rose Boric Balance

This vegan suppository is designed to give you quick and effective relief from BV and yeast infections. It’s a patented formulation that works with your body to restore the natural pH level in your vagina. The unique boric acid formulation is backed by clinical research, and is an effective and affordable alternative to conventional pharmaceutical medications.

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