How to Find the Best Athletic Cut Polo Shirts

athletic cut polo shirts

An athletic cut polo shirts shirt is designed specifically for a man with an athletic body type. It will hug your arms and torso in a tailored fit, providing you with the shape that you desire.

There are many styles and options to choose from, but you will need to understand what makes a good one. For starters, you want to find a collar that sits snug but not baggier than a regular t-shirt. A loose collar on a polo will make it look sloppy and will not complement your arms.

You also want to find a sleeve that falls mid-bicep. A polo with a ribbed strip at the sleeveā€™s end will grip tighter and make your arms appear stronger.

A New Era of Polo Shirts: Why Athletic Cut Polo Shirts are the Future of Classic Style

To achieve the best fit, look for a fabric that has four-way stretch. This will ensure that the polo fits you perfectly in every direction, even if you bend down or move around a lot.

A polo shirt will need to be able to breathe, so you should select one with cotton blends that offer moisture wicking properties. This will help keep you cool when it’s hot outside and prevent sweat from forming, which can ruin your shirt’s appearance.

If you want to maintain the shape of your shirt, it’s a good idea to get it professionally laundered. This will help keep your shirt looking fresh and crisp, no matter how many wears you have.

In order to avoid having your polo shrink, be sure to use a low heat setting for the wash and dryer. It’s also a good idea to line dry your polo after you have washed it.

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