How to Get Juvederm in Houston

Adding Juvederm to your treatment plan will help you improve the look and feel of your skin. It is a natural substance found in your body that helps promote hydration and elasticity. It is also used to add volume to the face, lips, and nose. The results can last up to a year.

What not to do when you get fillers?

The procedure is minimally invasive and has little or no downtime restoring lost volume. Most patients can return to work after 15 to 30 minutes. There is a slight amount of swelling and bruising, but it usually subsides within a few days. The injections are administered using a local anesthetic to ensure patient comfort.

After the procedure, the injector may massage the treated area to spread the filler evenly. Depending on the type of JUVEDERM you receive, the results can last up to a year.

In addition to enhancing the look of your lips, Juvederm can reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the eyes, and marionette lines. It can even be used to correct pitted scars.

The cost of your Juvederm treatment will vary depending on the number of areas you want to treat and how much Juvederm you need. The average cost is $750. Health insurance will not cover the cost of the treatment.

During your initial consultation, your doctor will perform a full health history to determine the best course of treatment. He or she will also talk with you about your expectations for the final results. He or she will then design a treatment plan that will provide you with the best results.

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