Senior Citizen Websites

AARP is a non-profit organization that aims to provide information to seniors on everything from retirement planning to health advice. The organization has 38 million readers around the world, making it one of the largest nonprofits in the world. Its website features discount codes, information on retirement planning, and guides on fraud prevention.

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Another site that can provide some useful information is the Better Business Bureau website. Its reviews are clear and concise, and its search bar allows for easy navigation. Its website also has a list of “best” filters, which makes it a great resource for senior citizens.

The site has an active community, and offers topic headers for any interest. The site has news articles, a blog, and a discussion section. There’s also a section called “I Remember When…” that lets people reminisce about their lives. Go here :

Suddenly Senior is a website that combines a variety of articles about senior life. The site also includes a quiz that you can print out. It is a fun way to learn about senior life, and has a couple of fun titles, such as Retirement Community: Not the End of the World.

The AARP website provides useful information on retirement planning, health advice, and reading material on entertainment and food. The site also provides guides on fraud prevention and how to manage Alzheimer’s disease. The AARP Foundation also tackles senior poverty, and works with hundreds of volunteers to provide free information to consumers to prevent financial exploitation.

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