Installing a Resin Driveway

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If you’re looking for a new way to improve the appearance of your home, you might want to consider a resin driveway. Resin driveways combine natural aggregates with a durable, UV-stable resin for a level, hard-wearing surface. Before the mix is applied to the driveway, the chosen stones are mixed with resin and then spread evenly. The mix is based on natural stones, but you can choose the types of aggregates that best suit the appearance of your property.

Why Need to Installing a Resin Driveway

The process of installing a resin drive can take a few days for a medium-sized driveway. After installation, the surface is ready for use. It takes approximately six hours for the resin to set, and 24 hours for it to be walked upon. You can also opt to install a resin drive yourself if you have the right tools and know-how. A resin driveway Glasgow specialist can guide you through the installation process, and you can also watch demonstration videos to learn how the process works.

The materials used to install a resin drive Glasgow will determine the cost. These materials include the aggregate stone mix, sand, and polyurethane resin. Typically, these materials are purchased in 25-kg bags. Upon installation, the installer will apply a primer on the concrete surface to make sure it will hold up to the resin. This primer will be applied before the resin drive Glasgow is applied. Depending on the size of the driveway, the thickness may be different.

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