Lifetime Radon Testing

Lifetime radon testing

If you’ve had radon levels in your home tested and they are higher than the safe levels, it’s time to start thinking about radon abatement. Radon is a serious health concern and you should consider Lifetime radon mitigation system testing. Lifetime Radon Solutions is a local company that offers radon testing. Whether you live in a home or commercial building, you should call a professional to have it tested.

Installing a Basement Radon Mitigation System

The team at Lifetime Radon Solutions is comprised of members of the local business community. They have decades of combined experience in the industry and provide exceptional customer service to homeowners and business owners. They are certified by the NRPP and AARST and have been in business since 1998. Lifetime Radon Solutions has also received numerous awards for their excellent customer service and have been recognized by Angie’s List as a Super Service Provider.

If you’re considering selling your home, it’s important to have radon testing performed. Even if you’re considering selling, buying, or renting, you should still have it done. Real estate transactions require radon testing by a licensed professional. In addition to the above-mentioned areas, it’s also important to have radon testing done in homes with multiple levels and foundations.

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