The Temporary Workers Agency in France

The temporary worker’s majoration Heure de Nuit interim agency in France has always been a controversial issue. However, recent changes have made it more acceptable. Under the Services Directive, companies and agencies can work together as umbrella companies. This has allowed temporary agencies to regulate themselves like an umbrella company. It is important to note that the time frame for using a temporary worker agency in France has been limited to 18 months, and the law has changed to allow these agencies to market themselves as an alternative to traditional recruitment.

How To Use The Temporary Workers Agency In France To Desire

The law requires temporary workers agencies to register with the Ministry of Labour and Employment, obtain a financial guarantee and keep regular records of their activities. Ideally, a TW agency should only conduct TAW. But in January 2005, a law was passed that allows the agency to offer job placement as a secondary line of business. In the meantime, a bill is being debated that would allow TW agencies to act as umbrella companies.

The temporary worker agency works in the same way as permanent employees. As such, the French TW agency may temporarily assign their employees to user enterprises in France. These workers are required to abide by the rules governing the temporary work agency in France. For example, there are many regulations that govern the terms and conditions of temporary employment. The TAW agreement should also provide examples and details of recent TAW agreements. Furthermore, TAW agreements should address issues such as health and safety in temporary work.

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