Balcony Renovation Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 7 Tips!

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to renovate your balcony. If it’s shabby, old and no longer fashionable; if the material is worn down; or even if there is some damage caused by weathering or general wear and tear.

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Whatever the reason for your desire for an upgrade, don’t let it overwhelm you because renovation doesn’t have to be hard. 

With these 7 tips you’ll find that giving your balcony a new look can be easy as pie so let’s get started!

1. Take some measurements

Before starting on any project work out how much time, effort and money you are willing to invest into it first. This way, you won’t start on anything without being sure you can handle it. Take some measurements of your balcony to know how much material you’ll need for its renovation.

Also, make sure the measurements are accurate because if they aren’t you may end up with a bigger or smaller area than planned. This is not ideal since when measuring balconies you should allow an extra 10% in case something goes wrong during the project, like for example buying the wrong material.

2. Remove what needs removal

And I mean everything! If there’s anything on your balcony that no longer serves its purpose and must go then get rid of it pronto so it doesn’t disturb you while working. Things like chairs, tables, plants etcetera can easily be disposed of by simply putting them in a box and taking them to the dumpster.

3. Do some cleaning

Now that you’ve removed everything from your balcony it’s time to clean up its floor properly with some soap and water. After this make sure to rinse thoroughly and dry off completely so you don’t leave wet patches on the floor where dust and dirt can accumulate later on.

Also, you should pay attention to any cracks or imperfections that may exist as these will be perfect hiding spots for all kinds of pests that we want nothing to do with! You can remove such cracks by simply filling them with some quick-drying cement which will keep things nice and tidy while also leaving smooth surfaces behind once it dries properly.

4. Get rid of the old

All that remains on your balcony now is its support structure and if you’re planning to use it again then this may very well be a good thing. However, if you want to get rid of it (which would make for a better new look) you’ll need to remove all of its horizontal beams as well as any vertical ones that remain attached.

You can do this by using some hand tools like chisels and hammers or even power tools such as saws, grinders and drills.

5. Use cement and concrete mix and shape the floor

Whether you had everything on your balcony removed or simply had some material cleaned off, next comes pouring some cement into the ground. Note that this should be relatively easy to do since your working area is smaller now after the cleaning and removing processes.

However, if you feel like the project is too much for you then don’t hesitate in getting some help with it or perhaps hiring a professional builder who can work wonders in no time at all!

Once the cement has dried properly (and I mean properly) you can shape its surface into any design you want using a spatula or something similar. Make sure to wear gloves when doing so because wet cement can hurt when forming it on bare skin. This shaping process may take some time but once done your balcony will look brand new again!

6. Place what needs placement

Now that your balcony’s floor looks as good as new it’s time to decorate its walls and place furniture as desired. This step is easier than the previous one since all you need to do now is clean the surfaces so they are free from dust and dirt before gluing or sticking your choice of wallpaper, paint or tile onto them.

Place rugs where needed and don’t forget to hang up a few lamps and/or other pieces of decoration for that finishing touch.

7. Final touches

Now that everything is in place on your balcony re-vamp take another look at your work and see if any improvement can be made. If not then I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied with all your efforts! But if something doesn’t sit right with you then maybe it’s time to get back to work.

Either way, your new look balcony will bring lots of pleasant memories and many nights spent outside in fresh air where relaxation is at its best!

Have fun working on your balcony makeover project! Check on balcony builders Melbourne.

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