Tips in Choosing a Boxing Studio

You might be a beginner and you want to know about boxing, or you might be an experienced boxer and need some direction on where to go, either way, you must find the right Boxing Studio.
Boxing is not like most other sports;

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for example, if you want to join a rugby team then all you would normally have to do is show up. However, many things must be taken into consideration when choosing a boxing gym. This article will provide valuable information based on my research and personal experience in the form of tips for how to choose a boxing studio.

1) Location

The location of the Gym should be one of your main concerns because attending classes regularly is very important. It’s human nature: we get tired and lazy so this factor can hinder our success in making regular classes. This is something you should consider to avoid such a problem.

2) Membership prices/fees

You need to choose a boxing gym that fits your budget, just like every other important decision we make in life we must find the right balance between quality and price.

3) Instructor vs Self-training

How much time do you have to train? Are there any restrictions on when or how long you can work out? These are essential considerations because they will determine whether joining a boxing fitness class is right for you.

4) Will I Learn Boxing Techniques etc.?

It’s great if the gym offers other facilities such as strength training, yoga, or even cross-fit for example. If you want to improve your boxing skills then the gym should offer professional trainers that can help you learn new techniques.

For novices, this will be a great advantage because they are not willing to make mistakes in front of other people who are experienced in boxing.

5) Do their Trainers have Professional Experience?

You should also look into whether or not the instructors are professionals if they are better yet champions even better – but at least find trainers who have some sort of experience training other boxers. The last thing you want is bad instruction during intense workouts.

6) Cleanliness

Boxers work hard and sweat a lot, so if there are no proper hygiene measures taken it will tend to be a bit smelly and can even lead to infections. Make sure you check the restrooms, locker rooms, equipment, floors etc.

7) Review Boxer’s Physical Condition

You should also talk to the boxers who are training there if possible so you get an idea of what type of physical shape they are in. If they are overweight this might indicate that the gym doesn’t have much to offer in terms of serious boxing training.

8) How busy is it?

Boxing fitness classes tend to be very popular; obviously, it would be much easier for beginners if there were plenty of other boxers there with less chance that others would notice your lack of skill. On the other hand, it may be more motivating for an advanced boxer if the class is full of people to beat upon.

9) Are there women or children?

If you are a woman or a child who wants to learn how to box then the gym should have instructors and other students who can properly train you. If a gym knows they have novice female/children boxers they may be more willing to accommodate their needs better.

10) Will I get enough attention from the instructor?

Sometimes it’s good for newbies if the instructor spends time with them individually, however, this isn’t always true for advanced gains because they know what they want and need – so novices might feel intimidated by such trainers.

In addition, some boxing facilities require instructors to spend at least some individual time with all students which is a good rule of thumb to follow when choosing a training facility.

11) Will I be the only woman in the gym?

This is important for almost every female fighter because it will determine how well she can focus her training without having too much to worry about. If you are a woman who has no problem being around men this shouldn’t be an issue.

12) What types of Training do they offer?

Do they have personal trainers, group classes or boxing fitness classes? Sometimes beginners should start with one and then move on to other more demanding training options such as strength and conditioning, cardio kickboxing etc. You should look into these things before making your decision.

13) Are there different levels/groups/types of classes?

Also, look into the types of training s that are offered in boxing fitness classes. For example, some offer beginner, intermediate and advanced groups, others might have a size limit on how many people can join in each class, while most will only allow one person per class for sparring sessions.

14) Where is it Located?

This may not be a big issue for everyone but if you need to travel a lot make sure the studio is fairly close. It’s also important to know whether they provide childcare or not. You should consider these factors when choosing your boxing gym.

15) Are There Any Contracts?

Some clubs require you to sign contracts whereas others don’t – before joining always check regards to this otherwise you might end up wasting money only to find out you can’t get out of it when you want to.

16) What kind of equipment will I need?

If you are a beginner and not sure if boxing is for you, check in advance whether they offer this equipment or not. Most beginners will be required to purchase: shoes, hand-wraps, headgear etc. but this may vary from gym to gym.

When deciding on which gym to join make sure that at least one location has what you need before joining.

17) Is it safe?

Make sure the facility is well maintained and any machines or equipment that might present a hazard ( such as heavy bags ) have proper safety measures in place. Also, ensure there is enough space between boxers for them to work out safely without hitting one another.

18) What do other people think of it?

If possible talk to someone who has previously attended the gym you are looking at and ask them about their experience. Another option is asking friends, family or colleagues if they know anyone who goes to a boxing facility.

Due diligence will require you to visit the place yourself, but there’s no harm in talking to others beforehand.

19) Is the price right?

Just like anything else finding cheap boxing training facilities can be difficult. Some clubs may offer cheaper options but this doesn’t always equate with quality; therefore don’t assume that by choosing either (1) cheapest or (2) most expensive option you’ll make the right choice.

Look for somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. You should also try to go for a monthly membership fee so you only have to pay when you want to train instead of paying for each session.

20) Do I need prior experience?

If so what type? For example, some clubs may require that they see the boxing experience/background of their students before allowing them into certain groups or activities. This is especially important if you’re asking someone else to instruct you otherwise problems might arise in group classes when people expect different things from one another.

Just be upfront about any previous experience and they should be able to accommodate you accordingly ( such as by providing individual training sessions ).

Well, folks, here are the top 20 tips in choosing a boxing gym. Boxing bayside might help also anyone who’s currently searching for or thinking about joining one.

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