What Does a Diplomatic Close Protection Officers Do?

Diplomatic Close Protection Officer (DPRO) is an important part of the Security Industry and Law Enforcement sectors in many countries around the world. Their job description can be very diverse, depending on the assignment and the role they are playing. For instance, in a corporate security firm, a security officer would have to physically go into a building to provide “back-up” for local personnel, or to provide security and observation while the boss is out on a business trip. In other words, their job would be to provide a “second” for the boss whenever he’s not there.

Diplomatic Close Protection Officers

The same thing can be said for a member of the diplomatic close protection team, who may be outside the normal boundaries of the office or State Department, and whose job is to act as a “visor” to a US diplomat or official when visiting or in a country that the US has an interest in. A security officer in the diplomatic or consular sector is typically responsible for protecting government officials while they are in country. This could involve physical presence, but could also include surveillance and even escort as well. Their duties will vary from country to country, depending on the nature of the diplomatic mission. However, they will all be required to carry a sidearm at all times, so it’s good to be prepared with yours.

In most cases, they’ll wear a bullet proof vest and keep a large caliber weapon close at hand, just in case. But sometimes, depending on the nature of the assignment, they will be required to carry something more functional like a baton, radio call, whistle, or light bar. If ever the situation calls for it, an officer can simply grab their weapon and open fire on any criminals that enter the area after them. Remember though, if you ever find yourself in a real dangerous situation, your best course of action is to seek immediate professional help from a police officer. You might not be able to beat a security guard, but you sure can make him sleep at night!

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