The Ok Hook Up Review – Should You Read It?

Was ok hookup a scam? The Ok Hook Up Review is probably one of the most controversial books that you will read. This book is written by David Perkins, and he claims to have dated as many women as women. But because he decided to publish his review in a woman’s e-zine, he obviously had a few problems with the woman, who had accused him of being a rapist, as well as being a sexual predator. David Perkins has written a great review of his life, his mistakes, and of how to pick up hot girls and women.

The Ok Hook Up Review

Perkins is a good writer, and this is evident in his review. He admits that he made some bad choices, and that he made the most common mistake: moving on too fast. Perkins also admits that it took him a long time to realize that girls don’t like drama and that there are good women out there that don’t want a man to get too attached to them. Many women take years to figure out if they really like a guy, so it might take more than six months or a year to tell if a woman is good enough for you.

This book will most likely make some people mad because they think that all women are stupid, ugly and worthless. Perkins was able to attract lots of good looking and desirable women with his great techniques. But it took him a long time to figure them out, and Perkins has spent a lot of time in the field learning his stuff. The hook up book is not bad, but it is not a best seller, so don’t expect a lot from this one.

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