Best Bamboo Underwear – Why Bamboo Fabric Beats Cotton

Ultra comfortable, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial, bamboo undies tick all the right boxes for those who want to protect their sensitive areas like the genitals from odor and rashes. And that’s just the start. Bamboo undies aren’t just the better alternative for your sex appeal, but for the planet’s too. This is all down to bamboo’s naturally-occurring super-human powers as a natural fabric and environmentally sustainable cultivation practices.

Unlike cotton or other man-made fibers, bamboo fiber grows very quickly. This means that a lot of bamboo undies will be produced in less than a year. And since bamboo is also antibacterial, you can rest assured that your underwear is good for you – and the environment. Since bamboo undies don’t absorb liquids, you’ll never have to worry about staining your panties as liquid spillage will go straight to the bamboo fiber, rather than your clothes.

The best thing about this fabric is that it looks and feels so different from typical cloth fabric. Imagine wearing a pair of bamboo undies, compared to a pair of cotton briefs. The material stands out because it’s incredibly soft and pliable, while at the same time being able to hold in heat and keep your skin cool. And because of its breathable quality, it’s even great for those summer days when you just want to take some breaths of fresh air. In terms of quality, bamboo fiber is just as fine as any other kind of fiber, making it a good option for those looking for a high quality, long-lasting fabric. Cotton may be the sexiest fabric around, but it sure isn’t the best!

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