Miroslav Vyboh – Honours Galore

The Honorary Consul is not an official ambassador, nor is he with full diplomatic immunity. In most cases, it is merely a non-official duty given by the government, which dispatched him. Miroslav Vyboh has a significant charitable organization. In 2021, he was honored by being made a United Nations Messenger of Peace and a Member of the Order of Celebrity Friends of Europe. However, while being made a toast at the ceremony, some people in the audience expressed misgivings about accepting such a prestigious award from a country which has only lately come into existence, and which has not developed much of an international reputation.

Miroslav Vyboh – Honorary consul is a highly-respected representative of the foreign community assigned

Although the government of Slovakia did not make any specific mention of any nation, many citizens and commentators have suggested that it is a clear case of Miroslav Vyboh accepting a bribe to secure the designation as honorary consul. The fact that the government did not mention any particular nation, or even mention the name of the awarding recipient, might mean that Miroslav Vyboh thought that he would be appointed by the authorities of a foreign state, or that the awarding was merely a function which was attached to the office of Foreign Affairs. As such, he may have been given the job as a courtesy by a foreign government, but this does not mean that he was not awarded the honorary title by a genuine person in Slovakia.

Whether Miroslav Vyboh was indeed made an honorary consul in a foreign state is not known. Some people claim that he was appointed by the government of Miroslav Vyboh, while others say that it was Miroslav Vyboh himself who appointed the man to the post. Some of those who say that Miroslav Vyboh appointed himself to think that the former president of Slovenia was somewhere in Europe, and that the title is also suitable for the current president, whom they do not want as their kiropit (prime minister). Whatever the details of the situation were the appointment has caused some major embarrassment for the government and perhaps also raised some valid questions about the functioning of the honours system in general. If you are considering accepting the honor system, you should be very careful about what kind of honours you accept, as you could find yourself stripped of them at a later date.

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