Basic Differences Between Permanent and Temporary

Basic difference between Permanent and Temporary doctors. Permanent v.s Temporary: Temporary doctors are hired very slowly with much demand of suitable educational qualification. They are contended with vast experience in the field of medicine. And after arduous and systematic recruitment procedure, they are appointed on a permanent basis by the healthcare institution on a permanent basis. So you can say that Temporary Doctors are permanent in nature.

Permanent doctors are very good in their fields. They have many years of experience in their profession. They are well experienced in different fields like orthopedic surgery, cardiology etc. Though these doctors have many years of experience, they still don’t get permanent jobs because they don’t have the necessary education qualification to get a permanent job. But the good thing is that there are many institutions that offer locum doctors that can give them a permanent job and they even give them permanent job without giving them any education qualification.

Locum doctors play an important role in hospitals and doctors care centers. There is no other doctor who can perform all the services like surgery, x-ray, diagnostic tests, blood tests etc. They can also handle some of the administrative functions like patient order filling, billing and record keeping. So, to get permanent work, one has to first get the job in a healthcare institution, get the required education qualification and then hire as locum doctors. It’s very easy to find one of these hospitals, clinics or care centers through internet. So make your search and get yourself locum doctors and make your career as permanent and as bright as possible.


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